By the end of 2019 the Covid outbreak has caused a huge damage to mankind in both economy and people’s lives. Facing the outbreak of the Covid pandemic worldwide, the supply of medical equipment has become scarce and the price has increased rapidly.

PA Vina realized that it is necessary to have a responsibility with the community to repel the epidemic. Whereas, Vietnam has many advantages in the production of medical equipment, especially medical gloves with the support of Government about the taxation, along with the available advantages such as the initiative in the source of raw materials, a team of qualified and dedicated human resources, the consensus of shareholders, national prestige in the international arena, PA Vina decided to joint the business by investing in a manufacturing plant of medical gloves and make a joint venture with other manufacturers for other medical protection products.

With the experience and connection of its own, PA Vina created:

1. Green Mask brand for medical personal coverall suit and surgical face mask.

2. Green Hand brand for hand sanitizer gel.

3. Green Gloves for Nitrile and Latex gloves.

With the investment amount of $13M in the glove factory in Phu Giao – Binh Duong, PA Vina expected to have the capacity of 4,000 cartons/day or 1120,000 cartons/month which can profit $13M/year and create jobs for hundreds of workers and contribute to the local socio-economic security.