About us

The Green Way is the distribution and production system of green products for both domestic and global by PA Vina, which was established since 2017 based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is a pioneer in connecting resources of farming, cultivating, producing and processing agriculture and herbs in Vietnam which share the same vision and mission of a sustainable agriculture “THE GREEN WAY”.

But history must begin with the separation of PA Vina from Nhip Cau Doanh Nghiep Trading Investment Joint Stock Company (formerly known as Gia Cat Tuong Co., Ltd) since 2009 and the launch of Nhip Cau Doanh Nghiep Magazine in 2012 to start building The Green Way from the initial steps of promoting trade in provinces and cities across the country and “exporting” the newspaper itself to 4 countries: USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore.


The Green Way aims to long-term export channels across potential markets and other continents, branding our Greenway to an international level.


Create a distribution system that accompanies and commits to contribute to the development of agriculture in rural areas and the lives of farmers through participating in the value chain from production to preservation, reserve and consumption.
Support consumers to choose fresh, pure and safe food for their health through clear traceability on the packaging with a QR Scanning code on the phone application

Be Professional

Strict testing procedure, sense of responsibility, rigid, assertive and creative consolidation. Using high technology for best product quality and protecting our mother Earth.

The Responsibility

Our staff­ possess diligent, dedicated, dynamic and creative characteristics.

Decisiveness and creativeness

Distribute clean agricultural products to every part of the country and always be innovative in leading the consumer path.

The inspection

All products distributed in our channel are clearly traced..

Solid association

Reliable staff who are working in the principle of mutual respect, associated with the responsibility of each individual.


Transparent financial policy, solid resource foundation, always be fair and be consistent.

Leadership Board

Mr. Le Van Phi Anh
Domestic Sale Director

“Greening the city is not simply a responsibility. That is our mission.”

Mrs. Phi Thi Ngoc Anh
Chairwoman CEO

“The important thing is not fast or slow. It is when we act.”

Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Son
Global Sale Director

“New Way – New Value”

Mr. Duong Cong Dong
Marketing Director

“We grow up together with our partners.”

Mr. Ngo Van Truong
Project Director

“Consumer interest in The Green Way’s product determines our existence and development.”

Mr. Luu Van Bay
Finance Director HR Director

“In The Green Way, we appreciate any contribution from any position for any circumstance.”